FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run welcomes Hollard as a partner in 2021!

The organisers of the FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run are excited to welcome Hollard as a partner of the 2021 event that will take place on Wednesday 10 November, Maputo City Day.


Starting out in Maputo in 2001, Hollard quickly became the independent preferred insurer that they are today.  Celebrating its 20th year in Mozambique, Hollard is paving the way for better futures for Mozambicans.


“We are committed to creating better futures in our community,” says Henri Mittermayer, CEO of Hollard Moçambique.  “Hollard appeals to everyone on the road, to coexist harmoniously, to ensure safety of all. We believe in educating our people on the basic road safety rules and are aware of the importance thereof.  We are proud to be serving our purpose of educating and growing the knowledge of our community, to help create their better future. In the sponsorship of the FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run, we celebrate good health and wellbeing.”



Date of event: Wednesday 10 November 2021 (Maputo City Day)

Distance: 10km

Time: Start – 5am / End – 7pm


Race Kit Collection:

Location:  Hotel Southern Sun Maputo

Time:  9am – 5pm

Day 1:  Saturday 06 November 2021

Day 2:  Sunday 07 November 2021

Day 3:  Monday 08 November 2021


The Entry Fee includes:

  • Entry into the FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run
  • A Race Pack that contains:
  • A limited-edition Event Performance T-shirt
  • FNB Bandana
  • Hollard Water Bottle
  • Bonaqua Water
  • A Race Number & Safety Pins
  • A participation medal
  • Access to the FNB MAPUTO 10K RUN Tracking App, to be used during the virtual race.
  • Real-time information about the performance of other athletes in the FNB MAPUTO 10K RUN Tracking App.
  • Final results shared in the running app and on the FNB MAPUTO 10K website at the end of the event.
  • A certificate and digital medal.


Entries are limited to the first 1750 registered (and paid for) runners.


The FNB MAPUTO 10K RUN Tracking App can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store (closer to the event date), which will allow participants to track their progress and performance during the event.

Participants can share their experiences of the FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run through social networks:


Facebook:  @Maputo10K

Instagram: @Maputo10K

Hashtag: #FNBMaputo10K #Maputo10K #Hollard #Mocambique #FuturoMelhor #VinteAnos #Maputo10K


For further information on the FNB MAPUTO 10K Virtual Run email entries@maputo10k.com or visit www.maputo10k.com